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  we are pittsburgh's Full Service caterer  that will give your wedding/ event that "wow" factor. we are food station design specialists and we have transformed catering from something expected to                          something that Wows.                                                                                      


 Gone are your Ho Hum cafeteria - like buffet tables.. They  have been the standard for much too long. We have replaced   them with our Food Station Displays . THE RECEPTION MEAL  IS BROKEN UP INTO STATIONS.  Each one is unique in design  and in the type of food that is displayed. With over 50 different Food Station Designs your Catering Menu will delight your guests with a wonderful variety of food. This sure beats the old Wedding Catering that had a choice of chicken or beef.

The average number of Food Station Designs at a wedding are anywhere from 6 to ? This allows your guests to walk around as they collect  their food and mingle with the other guests. This is so much better than having them sitting at their table all night. Since our serve time is much longer  than the usual catered event, they can go back throughout the evening and get as much of our delicious food as they like. They will also delight in how creative each Station is and how delicious the food is. Pittsburgh Catering Companies are Behind the Times. Our Food Stations and Catering Menus are the most creative, unique way to show off your style.

Whether your taste is fun and festive or more traditional, we have the perfect way to let your personality shine and make your night totally memorable both for you and your guests. Call us with any questions or  schedule a free consultation. You will be so  happy that you did!

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    We Specialize in Food Stations. They are Mini Buffets that                               are placed throughout your venue.  


     A New Concept in Catering


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