Our wedding went off with out a hitch. Amy was the best event planner ever! - Julia Owens


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My daughter's graduation from Harvard was a big deal and Catering Outside the Box.com help us show  off her new medical degree in style. - Bruce Haley

 Customer Reviews

​When you think of catering, you probably think of the buffet tables pushed              together in a line with people standing there waiting their turn.​ The food is

           predictable and you have a designated time when you can eat . 

            There's No Wow Factor 

When you think of us, think of no line, no waiting, nothing ordinary or expected. No serving timeline, no limited food selections. Think instead about The Wow Factor, creativity, uniqueness, munching all night, beautiful decor, innovative food               presentation and memories. ​Yes Memories, because what we                                           will create for you will not soon be forgotten                                                      


 ​I have always thought "Outside the Box".​ I love things that are not ordinary. That's why I

​   started this catering company. For ten years, we have owned a BBQ Catering Company, and we still do. Nick's the very best cook, but I needed more.