If you have an idea for a Food Station

 that you don't see on our list, be sure

​ to tell us. We are here to please you​ :)

Our wedding went off with out a hitch. Amy was the best event planner ever! - Julia Owens

Throughout the last 10 years, I  tried countless times to make our food presentation better  by  placing a few decor items with a BBQ Theme on the buffet tables. I have tried to arrange the tables

 so they looked more appealing. Each time I tried to add something new my husband would have a fit.

 He would say, " My God, what are you doing? You can't put flowers on a table!". Well , you can see  what I was dealing with.

Written by Joanne DeFalle.

Everyone else LOVES it. It's a HIT!!! But Nick still complains, grunts and calls me crazy. I guess that he will always live INSIDE THE BOX.

Finally, one day, I decided that I would create my own catering company. But not just any one. I would use my "OUTSIDE THE BOX" brain to make Pittsburgh's most unique, delicious, creative   catering company. I would get rid of all of the expected, worn out traditions and replace them

with new innovative  ideas. It took me a long time to get it just right, but now it's perfect. Well, that's not what Nick would say about it. When I have tried to explain it all to him, all I got was-

   " What the ........do you mean, you are serving it on a ...... wrapping it in WHAT?  Salad on a Stick..?

​                           What do you mean no buffet tables??   You're serving it on WHAT????

My daughter's graduation from Harvard was a big deal and Catering Outside the Box.com help us show  off her new medical degree in style. - Bruce Haley

 ​I have always thought "Outside the Box".​ I love things that are not ordinary. That's why I

​   started this catering company. For ten years, we have owned a BBQ Catering Company, and we still do. Nick's the very best cook, but I needed more.



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