Jamaican  Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Grilled Vegetables. Tropical Rice 

                                                  ​and a Tropical Fruit Salad

German Beer Bratwurst w/ Sauerkraut, Beer Braised Brisket and German                                                Potato Salad

Italian - Italian Style Chicken, Eggplant Parmesan and Italian Meatballs on                                          a bed of spaghetti

French-  ​Ratatouille, Poulet aux Porto and  Haricot Verte aux Buerre

Irish - Irish Beef Stew, Mustard Glazed Corned Beef and Cabbage and Irish                                                    Soda Bread

Asian - Sweet & Sour Chicken, Asian Noodles, Spring Rolls w/ Dip, Fortune Cookies

Russian - Beef StroganoffBorshch

Spanish - Gazpacho, Chorizo and Spanish Chicken and  Rice

Polish​ - Stuffed Cabbage,  Keilbassa w/ Kraut and  Perogies

Mexican - Grilled Salsa Verde Chicken, Cheesy Beef Empanadas, Mexican

                                                    Beef and Rice

Our Action Stations comes w/ a chef , The food is made to order according to your liking.


Hawaiian - Huli Huli Chicken,  Tropical Rice, Fruit Salad and Pineapple

Cole Slaw

Southern Comfort - Southern Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Fried Green Tomatoes

Bourbon Street   -Po Boys, Cajun Chicken and Red Beans and Rice

BBQ - ​Pulled Pork Sliders, BBQ Chicken, Texas Style BBQ Baked Beans  & Potato Salad.

​Our Food Stations are mini buffets, designed and decorated in unique and creative ways


​​​​Macaroni & Cheese Station -  Mac n Cheese w/ toppings that include diced tomatoes, bacon, ham, cheese, pulled pork and more.

Pasta Station - ​Penne' Pasta w/ Meatballs, Fetuchinni Alfredo, Garlic Bread

French Fries Station - ​Waffle Cones, Curly Fries, Ranch Fries, Spicy 

Fries. Served in a Cone w/ 3 Dipping Sauces

Salad Station Mixed Greens Salad w/ Toppings That Include....

onions,  peppers, cheese, tomatoes, chick  peas, parmesan grated cheese, eggs and

croutons. Italian, Ranch and House Dressing also included.  Coleslaw and  Caesar 


Noodles Station - Asian Noodles, Seasoned  Buttered  Noodles

Potato Station- Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes

Chili Station - Mild , Hot and Vegetarian Chili w/ Mashed  Potatoes and  Noodles

Sliders Station- Choose 3 - Mini Sandwiches. Pulled Pork,  BBQ Beef, Ham & Cheese, Turkey & Swiss, Meatball, Mesquite Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Egg Salad

comes w/ lettuce, tomato, condiments and sauces. Potato Salad also included

Grilled Cheese and  Tomato Basil Shooter - Grilled Cheese Sandwiches w/ a Soup Shooter. Includes Pasta Salad.

Skewers Station - Choose 3 - Cajun Chicken w/ Mushrooms,  Vegetable,  Ham and Pineapple,  Bacon Wrapped Spicy Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Teriyaki Chicken.


Comfort Food Station​- Macaroni & Cheese, Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.

Perogie Station - Variety of Perogies w/ Toppings

Breads, Rolls and Herb Butters Station

Biscuit Station

Southern Comfort Station- Southern Fried Chicken,  Hush Puppies, Black Eyed Peas,  Brown Sugar Bourbon Sweet Potatoes.

Jamaican Station -​ Jamaican Jerk Chicken,

The Burgh *

Mashed  Potato Martini Station ​-


​Smoothie Station

Soft Pretzel Station

Popcorn Station

​Bacon Station

​Cotton Candy Display

  *International Stations

*American Stations

*Miscellaneous Stations

​*Build Your Own Stations

* Action Stations

* Fun Stations

 "Fun" Stations

Each Food Station is beautifully decorated and the food is creatively

    presented. Stations are "scattered" throughout the venue and

   they stay open throughout the course of your reception/event.

               Typically, there are anywhere from 4 - 9 Stations

​International Stations

​like, sour cream, butter, bacon, gravy, cheese, pulled pork, diced ham and more. Potatoes are served in Martini Glasses.

Omelette Station - Choose the type of omelette you want and have our chef make it for you. Comes withm

Pancake Station

Carving Station

Sensational Shrimp Station

Crepe Station

pe your paragraph here.

​Our Food Stations and Designs​


 ​Miscellaneous Stations

 Action Stations

​Mashed Potatoes w/ toppings

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