​Macaroni and Cheese Station

Macaroni and Cheese

Green Beans Wrapped in Bacon

Baby Carrots in Garlic Butter 
​Texas Style BBQ Baked Beans

Green Beans Almondine

Homemade Apple Sauce
Pasta salad
Red Beans and Rice
​Bacon Wrapped Green Beans w/ Mushrooms
Rosemary/Garlic Potatoes

Hush Puppies
​Potato Salad
Fruit Salad
Garden Salad
Cole Slaw
Corn on the Cob
Grilled Vegetables
Cajun Rice
​Sweet Potatoes in a Brown Sugar/ Bourbon Sauce
​Macaroni Salad

​Potato - Tini Station

Popcorn Bar

Donut Wall

Soft Pretzel Display

Build Your Own Hot Dogs

Cotton Candy Display

Smores Station

French Fries in Cones

Caramel Apples

Build Your Own Ice Cream Sundae

​Pancake Station


​Clothes Line Treat Display

* German Station

​Creative and Unique Food Stations...... Creative and Unique Buffets.......Creative and Unique                                                               Cocktail Style Receptions


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 Our Dessert Stations​

*  ​Appetizer Display For Cocktail Hour

​Call For More Information​

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​Barbeque  Station

​Chinese Take Out Station

Our Food Stations

*Pulled Pork

BBQ Baby Back Ribs

New York Strip Steak

*Almond Smoked Turkey Breast

*Slow Smoked Beef Brisket

*Hickory Smoked Ham

Top Round of Bacon Wrapped Smoked Beef

Smoked Turkey Legs

Shrimp and Mushroom Skewers-

Shrimp -

Bacon Wrapped

Pineapple Shrimp

​Grilled w/ Orange Brown Butter Glaze

*Shredded BBQ Beef

*BBQ Chicken 

*Cajun Chicken

*Pulled Chicken

*Jamaican Jerk Chicken

*Smoked Sausage

*Kielbasa w/ Kraut

Skewers - Garlic Chicken, Teriyaki, Chicken, Ham and Pineapple.

​*Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

​Late Night Snacks

Late Night Snacks​

           ​​We have added Food Stations to the menus

​Add a Food Station to Your Menu. They are beautifully decorated and creatively displayed

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What a special surprise it will be, when our staff

brings out one of the snacks. Creativity certainly                        isn't lost with these. 

​We Specialize in Barn Weddings

​Southern Comfort Station

​Macaroni and Cheese Station

 This​ ​company was created for those of you who want a         reception that is unique.  One that is beautiful, creative                                   and unexpected.

* Complimentary Salad Station


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Salad  Station

​Garden Salad with Lots of Toppings. Fruit Salad, Two Styles

of Cole Slaw, Pasta Salad and Home Made Apple Sauce



* ​Mini Milk Shakes w/ Cookie

​* Build Your Own Ice Cream Sundae w/ Lots of Gourmet Toppings

 * Build Your Own Gourmet Hot Dog w 10 Toppings.

​Comes w/ Macaroni and Cheese or Fries.

  * Chips, Dips and Spreads

​* ​Pasta Station

​and Outstanding Seated Menus

​Gourmet Popcorn Bar

​We Turn the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary

​​​Side Dish​es

*1. Salad Station - garden salad, Caesar salad

   w/ loads of salad toppings. Comes w/

   pasta salad

2. Carving Station -manned station, BBQ Brisket, Almond Smoked Turkey Breast, Baby Back Ribs

*3. Potato Station - served in cocktail glasses.

Mashed Potatoes w/ gravy and toppings

Sweet Potatoes w/ a Bourbon Glaze

4. Pasta Station - Penne w/ meatballs and *Fettucine Alfredo w/grated cheese and 

garlic bread.

5. Appetizer Station

*6. Chili Station - Hot and Mild w/ toppings

*7. Macaroni and Cheese Station - 3 Cheese w/ toppings

8. Fruit Station - Fruit Kabobs w/ Caramel Dip,

Fluffy Chocolate Dip, Oreo Fluff Dip.

​*9. Dips, Chips and Spreads Station- Tex Mex Dip, House Dip, Pita Chips, Hummus, Assorted Crackers.

​10. Caramel Apple Station

​*11. Walking Taco Station - 

* ​Bourbon Street Station

*Cocktail Meatball Assortment

Mini Fruit Skewers w/ Oreo Fluff Dip

*Watermelon Tequila Bites

Stuffed Banana Peppers

​*Vegetables served in mini glasses w/ Ranch Dip

Bacon Wrapped Selection:

  bacon wrapped cocktail meatballs

   bacon wrapped stuffed mushrooms

   bacon wrapped garlic potato bites

  bacon wrapped scallops

  bacon wrapped onion bites




 Apricot Brandy



*Cheese, Pepperoni, Assorted Crackers

​Assorted Appetizer Selection

   On a Fork Selection:  

cocktail meatballs


   bacon wrapped selection

 marinated mushrooms

macaroni and cheese bites

​Deluxe Appetizer Assortment


From start to finish, our wedding planner will be available to help you choose ​​​​your linens, other      vendors etc.. We are able to introduce you to quality vendors who will give you a discount on                                                          their products/services. 


       Food Stations

​We have a 14ft. Mobile BBQ Pit that we can bring with us and cook on site